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Support - Contact Us - Reach our Sales Department by eMail, Fax, Phone or Mail

Technical Inquiries:

Please review the information provided in our Knowledge Base. After checking our Knowledge Base, if you need further assistance please use our Submit A Question service to get a response within 2 Business Days.


Sales Inquiries: 

Please note that our Sales Department personnel are trained and dedicated to:

  • Helping you with non-technical pre-purchase questions,
  • Helping you place your order,
  • Pointing out any sales, combos or specials that you may wish to consider,
  • Inputting your order to our computer system so that it ships out as accurately and quickly as possible... usually the same day,  
  • Resolving any invoicing problems, and
  • Helping to sort out any missing shipment or shipment damage issues.
Their depth of technical knowledge is about on par with what is shown in our printed sales literature. In most cases, they are working from the same printed advertisements or content from our web site that you are. Asking sales personnel to confirm the size, color and availability of a product is well within their capabilities. However, asking detailed questions about technical issues is not.


Buy our Products: 
  • From a Retailer
    • Please support your local retailer.    
  • On Line 24x7x365... if your favorite Retailer does not have what you are looking for, please visit one of our On-Line Stores. 
      • For Radio Control,
      • For ZAP Brand CA, cyanoacyrlates, superglue & epoxies
      • Supplying ZAP Brand CA, cyanoacyrlates, superglue, epoxies, related accessories and more to End Users & Consumers in the Building Construction, Repair & Maintenance Trades. Also Fine Woodworkers, Stagecraft Artisans, Professional Detailers, Sportsmen & Scale Model Builders.
      • Supplying ZAP Brand CA, cyanoacrylates, superglue, epoxies and related accessories to End Users & Consumers in the Industrial, Manufacturing, Assembly and Laboratory sectors.
  • Order By Fax 24x7x365
    • 604-940-1063
  • Order By Phone M-F 11am-4pm Pacific Time
    • Order Desk 604-940-1066    


For All Other Inquiries... please consult the following resources:

  • After reviewing our On Line resources, if you require additional assistance please contact us by eMail, fax, phone or mail as follows:

    • Ask a Question
    • eMail 
    • Fax
      • 604-940-1063
    • Phone
      • 604-940-1066
    • Mail
      • Richmond RC Supply Ltd, #114 - 7350 72nd Street, Delta, BC, V4G-1H9
        • Mail & printed correspondence only.                
        • We are not able to accomodate personal site visits or drop-offs/pick-ups at this location.
        • Please note that all inbound Shipments require pre-Authorization in advance.
        • Unauthorized inbound shipments will be refused.        

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